Game Plan: The Clarity You Need Now.

Entrepreneurs are excellent at vision – that’s what makes you great. But you’re not a marketing expert, and that’s okay. You need someone to give you clarity on what to do first, where to spend your money (and where to save it), and who you need to make it all happen.

We designed the Game Plan to save you time and money — it’s the first step before you launch your product, hire a marketing firm, or expand your brand.

If you’re in the game to win, don’t start without a Game Plan.

Know Exactly What Will Work For You.

The Game Plan tells you exactly what you need to do now. Our approach rapidly analyzes where you are now, clarifies where you want to go, and gives you a high-level perspective on exactly what needs to happen in the next quarter to get you there.

Get Back to Being CEO.

Now you have the opportunity to get expert advice before you commit to an agency or a full-time hire. Save thousands of dollars by understanding what works for you before you make your next move.

Move Forward With Confidence.

Execute your own marketing or work with us to make it happen fast.

1: The Download

Start your Game Plan by completing a targeted questionnaire about your project.

2: The Session

Next, we’ll meet one on one to assess your opportunities, obstacles, timeline, and potential.

3: The Plan

The next day you get a complete report identifying what you need to build the business you want.


“Ciara’s help with strategic marketing planning was invaluable to the success of my company. Her high level of professionalism and get-it-done attitude helped me to accomplish a great deal more than I would have thought possible. I highly recommend Ciara for kick-starting your marketing strategy.”

Tech Startup Founder

“We brought our business idea to Ciara Pressler – she asked all the questions we hadn’t thought of yet, then showed us how we could position against competitors, created a strategy to get our ideal beta users, pointed out potential obstacles for our first six months, and ultimately put us in a stronger position to seek our first round of funding.”

Tech Startup Founder

Get Your Game Plan

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