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Game Plan: The Workbook

Free PDF Download: Game Plan by Ciara Pressler – Book Excerpt

Published January 2015, Game Plan is the new workbook designed to help you discover your true goals, develop a specific action plan, and overcome your obstacles.

Distilling practical wisdom gained from over a decade working with entrepreneurs and creative professionals, Ciara Pressler walks you through a specific and comprehensive goal process.

In a refreshing departure from the mainstream “Dream it and do it!” goal-setting sentiment, Game Plan goes beyond inspiration and introduces a practical approach to goal achievement, including:

  • SOLUTIONS: Why most goals fail and what to do about it
  • GOALS: Shunning cultural “shoulds” to identify what you really want right now
  • ACTION: Identifying potential obstacles and a personal strategy to overcome getting stuck
  • MOMENTUM: Maximizing your time, energy, resources, and work with coaches or consultants
  • MOTIVATION: Why chasing happiness undermines goal fulfillment – and a fulfilling life

Game Plan is formatted for quick reference as well as in-depth goal planning and analysis, including Goal Strategy micro-chapters and separate sections for Personal, Career, and Project/Business goals.

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