Working with Pressler Collaborative

Our clients are entrepreneurs, innovators, producers, creators – we partner to create a marketing strategy that is authentic to their product and personality.

They are real estate moguls, career coaches, playwrights, fashion designers, software developers, hedge fund managers, award-winning directors, filmmakers, wellness gurus, authors, nonprofit administrators, and more.

We’re honored to support them as they turn big visions into sustainable businesses.

Richard Beyda

“From the first moment, we felt like we were in the right hands: Ciara Pressler completely molded our image from day one. She came up with the perfect name, perfect branding, and perfect image that we were able to put out to the public.”

Richard BeydaFounder/CEO, Real Estate Project
Jodie Capes

“We’ve worked with Ciara throughout our 10 years of business, from creating our brand to the launch of our latest program. Ciara never fails to meet our needs in a clear, direct, organized manner. She is passionate, creative, and extremely well-attuned to trends, and makes the marketing process feel seamless. Her knack for capturing the essence of a product/service and communicating that to the desired audience is something that can’t be taught – she simply just gets it.”

Jodie CapesExecutive Director, Coaching Firm
Annelise Pruitt

“Ciara is a pleasure to work with. She has clear goals, outstanding communication and leadership skills, and a whipsmart approach to getting the job done efficiently and with panache. I would recommend her to anyone as a go-to marketing expert.”

Annelise PruittAP Design
Chris Hodges

“Ciara really helps to bring clarity to your business goals and strategy especially when it comes to creating a marketing plan. We have worked with her on numerous occasions and every time Ciara has brought professionalism and a great sense of humor coupled with a strong business sense. I highly recommend her.”

Chris HodgesFounder, Digital Firm
Lisa Clayton

“To simply say that Ciara knows what she’s talking about is an absolute understatement.  She has an unmitigated command for and knowledge of marketing solutions and effective business strategies. She’s that savvy superhero who’s going to come in, find where your productivity gold mine is hiding, and draw an exact map for you to find it.  Her unparalleled professionalism and excitement for excellence are infectious.”

Lisa ClaytonFounder, Design Firm
Jodie Bentley

“Ciara Pressler helped take our company from an entrepreneurial venture to a bicoastal corporation. With her meticulous sense of detail and her strategical marketing smarts, she helped us streamline our business when we needed it most. She was that crucial third eye in helping us grow our company to where we wanted it to be. The best thing about Ciara, is she is so clear in what she believes and what she wants you to do – that is easily replicable and all doable. It’s nice to have someone in your court who wants you to succeed as much as you do.”

Jodie BentleyFounder, Career Consultancy
Kyle Jarrow

“As marketing director for my show, she managed to work magic with very few resources.  She’s one of the few people I’ve met who gets that hard-to-find combination of formidable professionalism and infectious excitement for what she does.”

Kyle JarrowAward-Winning Playwright & Musician
Erin Stutland

While starting or running your own business offers a great deal of freedom and creative opportunities, it can be challenging going at it alone.  Working with Ciara gave me a new perspective on the product I was offering. Having her assessing and looking at your business, she is able to come at it from a new angle than you may have on your own.  She helped clarify my brand by bumping up the look and vibe of what I had already created.  She writes concise, exciting copy that people get on board with, immediately.  I am consistently getting praise on my website for being clear, straightforward, and totally ME.  What more could I ask for!?”

Erin StutlandLifestyle/Fitness Entrepreneur

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