Metromix – Hot Plates Live

The Challenge

How can a new event with infinite ingredients ensure a launch that’s well-done?

Our Solution

Hot Plates Live: a dozen new restaurants under one roof for one night only – the potential for deliciousness, but also for a logistical nightmare.  We ran the inaugural event at The Bell House and its second iteration at The Highline Ballroom, acting as liaison between the chefs, journalists, staff, and audience, from the big picture (doors at 7!) to the tiniest details (where are the forks?!).

Metromix Event Production

“When I needed someone to head up an event I was doing in New York, Ciara was the first person I thought of. She’s confident, creative, and her work is solid. Not only did she run the on-site portion of the event like a pro, she even pitched in to promote the event to her contacts and media ahead of time.”

Amber TilletMetromix

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